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Label History: Return to Sender

RTS 44 CD Tom Herman wait for it
RTS 43 CD Minus 5 I don´t know who I am
RTS 42 CD Chris Brokaw wandering as water
RTS 41 CD Transmissionary Six go fast for cheap
RTS 40 CD Barbara Manning transatlantic trips
RTS 39 CD Missouri / Green Apple Sea by the time we get to phoenix
RTS 38 CD Chris Cacavas kneel
RTS 37 CD Migala restos de un incendio
RTS 36 CD Fink letzter september
RTS 35 CD Mushroom oh, but they´re weird & they´re wonderful
RTS 2001CD Various Artists Return to sender Compilation Vol 2
RTS 34 CD Penelope Houston loners, stoners and prison brides
RTS 33 CD Silos barcelona
RTS 32 CD Townes vanZandt live at the mccabe´s
RTS 31 CD Louis Tillett live@the basement
RTS 30 CD Tom Liwa schweiz
RTS 29 CD Willard Grant Conspiracy weevils in the Captain´s Biscuit
RTS 28 CD Steve Wynn the suitcase sessions
RTS 27 CD Tom Liwa (Flowerpornos) voeding
RTS 26 CD Swell E.P.
RTS 25 CD X-TAL biting the ugly biscuit
RTS 24 CD Townes van Zandt TVZ abnormal
RTS 23 CD The Setters Dark Ballad Trash
RTS 22 CD U.S. Saucer united states saucer
RTS 21 CD Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 porcelain entertainments
RTS 20 CD Epic Soundtracks debris
RTS 19 CD Sonya Hunter finders, keepers
RTS 18 CD Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen midnight rain
RTS 17 CD Gutterball turnyour headinkov
RTS 16 CD Bedlam Rovers squeeze your inner child
RTS 15 CD Keith Secola for our ancestors
RTS 14 CD Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love dwarf star
RTS 13 CD Steve Wynn take your flunky and dangle
RTS 12 CD Penelope Houston & Pat Johnson crazy baby
RTS 11 CD Hugo Race stations of the cross
RTS 10 CD Hannah Marcus weeds and lilies
RTS 09 CD Walter Salas-Humara (Silos) lean
RTS 08 CD FSK the german american octett
RTS 07 CD Giant Sand stromausfall
RTS 06 CD David Schramm folk und die folgen
RTS 05 CD Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen ugly truth
RTS 04 CD Fellow Travellers love shines brighter
RTS 03 CD Cordelia´s Dad the joy fun garden
RTS 02 CD Penelope Houston silk purse
RTS 01 CD Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love six string soapbox

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