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Label History: Rattlesnake

RAT 520 LP/CD Bored! feed the dog
RAT 517 LP/CD Cosmic Psychos blokes you can trust
RAT 516 LP/CD Cosmic Psychos cosmic psychos
RAT 515 LP/CD Cosmic Psychos down on the farm
RAT 513 CD Thrill Killers thrill killers
RAT 512 LP/CD Screaming Tribesmen blood lust
RAT 511 LP/CD Healers secret show
RAT 510 LP/CD Nursery Crimes what do you know, anyway?
RAT 509 LP/CD Hitmen it is what it is
RAT 508 LP/CD Addictive pity of man
RAT 507 CD Screaming Tribesmen high time (collection)
RAT 506 LP/CD Ed Kuepper today wonder
RAT 505 LP/CD Cosmic Psychos slave to the crave (live album)
RAT 504 LP/CD Celibate Rifles platters du jour
RAT 503 LP/CD Celibate Rifles blind ear
RAT 502 LP/CD Hitmen tora tora d.t.k.
RAT 501 LP/CD Psychotic Turnbuckles pharoahs of the far out

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