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Label History: Flying Nun

FNE 34 LP Verlaines some disenchanted evening
FNE 33 LP Bats the law of things
FNE 32 LP/CD Bailter Space thermos
FNE 31 LP Bailter Space tanker
FNE 30 LP Chris Knox seizure
FNE 29 LP Clean in-a-live
FNE 28 LP/CD V. A. / Flying Nun in love with these times
FNE 27 LP Tall Dwarfs dogma
FNE 26 LP/CD Sneaky Feelings hard love stories
FNE 25 MiniLP Straitjacket Fits life in one chord
FNE 24 LP/CD Headless Chickens stunt clown
FNE 23 LP/CD Bats daddy´s highway
FNE 22 12" Bats 4 songs
FNE 21 LP/CD Verlaines bird-dog
FNE 20 LP/CD A Flying Nun Compilation tuatara
FNE 19 LP/CD Bird Nest Roys 1st album
FNE 18 LP/CD Able Tasmans a cuppa tea and a lie down
FNE 17 LP Gordons future shock
FNE 16 LP/CD Gordons 1st album
FNE 15 LP/CD Tall Dwarfs hello cruel world
FNE 14 LP/CD Sneaky Feelings sentimental education
FNE 13 CD Chills kaleidoscope world
FNE 12 LP/CD Chills brave words
FNE 03 CD Clean compilation

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