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Label History: Citadel

CGAS 816 LP/CD Louis Tillett letters to a dream
CGAS 814 LP/CD Porcelain Bus fragile
CGAS 813 CD New Christs divine rites
CGAS 812 LP/CD Louis Tillett a cast of aspersions
CGAS 811 LP/CD Porcelain Bus sacred relics
CGAS 810 LP/CD Trilobites american tv
CGAS 809 LP/CD Moffs labyrinth
CGAS 808 LP/CD Sacred Cowboys trouble from providence
CGAS 807 LP/CD New Christs distemper
CGAS 806 LP/CD Wreckery laying down law
CGAS 805 LP/CD Harem Scarem lo & behold
CGAS 804 LP/CD Porcelain Bus talking to god
CGAS 803 LP/CD V.A. / Citadel positively elizabeth street
CGAS 802 LP/CD Louis Tillett egotripping at the gates of hell
CGAS 801 LP/CD Died Pretty lost

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