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Artist: story
Release: Various
Black Eye
Flying Nun
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Red Eye
Return to Sender
Shadoks Music
BlueBOX 3 LP/CD Sapho el sol y la luna BlueBOX 2 LP Sonoko la debutante BlueBOX 1 LP The Hesitations ...wait a minute!
DDay 2088 LP/CD Karen Finley the truth is hard to swallow DDay 1088 LP Signal Aout 42
XCS 012 CD Muslimgauze bhutto XCD 010 CD Various Artists x-x section XCD 009 CD Jim O´Rourke tamper XCD 008 CD Merzbow music for bondage performance XCD 007 CD Muslimgauze united states of islam XCD 006 CD John Duncan klaar XCD 005 CD Paul Schütze the annihilating angel XCD 004 CD The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast g´arage d´or XCD 003 CD Laughing Hands ledge / dog photos XCD 001 CD Paul Schütze deus ex machina
ABE 912 LP/CD Toys Went Berserk the smiler with a knife ABE 911 LP Venom P Stinger what´s yours is mine ABE 910 LP/CD King Snake Roost ground into dirt
AR 007 CD Various Artists Absolutely Live 2000 AR 006 CD Deishovida Not 4 You AR 005 CD Various Artists Absolutely Live 1996 AR 004 CD Bratsch écouté-ça chérie AR 002 CD Bratsch correspondance AR 001 CD V. A. Absolutely Live


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