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Artist: story
Release: Red Eye
Black Eye
Flying Nun
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Red 58 LP/CD Beasts of Bourbon gone Red 35 CD Various Artists Main Course Red 34 MCD Kim Salmon and the Surrealists hell is where my heart lives Red 33 LP/CD Kim Salmon and the Surrealists sin factory Red 32 CD Various Artists Appetizer Red 30 2LP/2CD Beasts of Bourbon from the belly of the beast Red 29 CD Deniz Tek take it to the vertical Red 27 CD Hell To Pay steal it Red 26 LP/CD Beasts of Bourbon the low road Red 25 LP/CD Cruel Sea this is not the way home Red 23 LP/CD Scientists absolete Red 21 LP/CD Kim Salmon and the Surrealists essence Red 20 CDsgl Beasts of Bourbon just right Red 12 LP/CD Beasts of Bourbon black milk Red 10 CD Bhagavad Guitars foreverglades Red 09 LP/CD Crystal Set umbrella Red 07 CD Various Artists a sides + besides Red 05 LP/CD Beasts of Bourbon sour mash Red 04 LP/CD Beasts of Bourbon the axeman´s jazz


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