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Artist: story
Release: QDK Media
Black Eye
Flying Nun
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QDK 045 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 7 - mexican psychedelic music QDK 044 CD Cuomo ejazz QDK 043 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 6 - brazilian psychedelic music QDK 042 LP/CD Fred Weinberg The Weinberg Method QDK 041 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 5 - british psychedelic music QDK 040 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 4 - japanese psychedelic music QDK 039 LP/CD Various Artists YEE-HAW! -the other side of country QDK 038 LP/CD Various Artists Asian Takeaways QDK 037 LP/CD Bruce Haack electric lucifer book 2 QDK 036 LP/CD Various Artists Doob Doob O`Rama Vol 2 QDK 035 CD Various Artists Music for gracious living Vol 2 QDK 034 LP/CD Various Artists Porn To Rock QDK 033 LP/CD Various Artists Doob Doob O´Rama QDK 032 LP/CD Bruce Haack hush little robot QDK 031 LP/PicDisc/CD Various Artists - Betty Page Private Girl QDK 030 not released QDK 029 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 3 - Asian Psychedelic Music QDK 028 LP/CD Various Artists Electronic Toys - part 2 QDK 027 not released Music to prevent from UFO abductions QDK 026 not released Authentic Music from another Planet? QDK 025 LP/CD Various Artists Pepperisms around the globe QDK 024 not released Russ Meyer O.S.T. Vol 5 The Immoral Mr. Teas, Eve and the Handyman, Wild Gals of the Naked West! QDK 023 not released Music for Big Dame Hunters QDK 022 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 2 - South American Psychedelic Music QDK 021 LP/CD Love, Peace & Poetry 1 - American Psychedelic Music QDK 020 CD Various Artists Music for gracious living QDK 019 LP/CD TULIP die singende Tulpe Eden auf Erden QDK 018 CD Betty Page the complete interview QDK 017 LP/PicDisc/CD Various Artists - Betty Page Jungle Girl QDK 016 CD ROM Betty Page The world of a Pin-Up Queen (for MAC and PC) QDK 015 CDsgl TULIP die singende Tulpe QDK 014 LP/PicDisc/CD Russ Meyer O.S.T. vol 4, Cherry, Harry & Raquel- Mondo Topless - Good morning...and goodbye! QDK 013 LP/PicDisc/CD Various Artists Electronic Toys QDK 012 LP/PicDisc/CD Various Artists - Betty Page Danger Girl QDK 011 LP/PicDisc/CD Russ Meyer O.S.T. vol 3, Mudhoney, Motorpsycho, Finders Keepers... QDK 010 CD Fetus Productions fetalmania QDK 009 LP/PicDisc/CD Russ Meyer O.S.T. vol 2, MegaVixens - Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens - SuperVixens QDK 008 LP/PicDisc/CD Russ Meyer O.S.T. vol 1, Lorna - Vixen - Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! QDK 007 CD Drone the fat controller QDK 006 CD O.S.T. Braindead QDK 005 Single Image in Glass 6.00AM/11.00PM QDK 004 PicDisc/CD O.S.T. Henry QDK 003 PicDisc/CD O.S.T. Meet the feebles (Gatefold Sleeve + Poster) QDK 002 PicDisc/CD O.S.T. Bad Taste QDK 001 LP-Box/CD Fetus Productions intensive care unit


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