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Artist: Various Artists
Release: HEAD-ON
Label: Soundtracks
Alles auf Zucker
Als wir trumten
Am Ende kommen Touristen
Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb
Aus der Tiefe des Raumes
Blackbox BRD
Bloede Muetze
Bombshell Baby of Bombay
Das Leben ist zu lang
Das Weisse Rauschen
Der Alte Affe Angst
Der deutsche Freund
Der Geschmack von Rost und Knochen
Der Rote Kakadu
Der Tango der Rashevskis
Die Hoehle des gelben Hundes
Die Koenige der Nutzholzgewinnung
Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder
Die Reise des chinesischen Trommlers
Die Summe meiner einzelnen Teile
Eine andere Liga
Ein fliehendes Pferd
Emmas Glueck
Fenster zum Sommer
Finnischer Tango
Free Rainer
Fremder Freund
Gegen die Wand
Katze im Sack
Kebab Connection
Keep Surfing
Kleiner starker Panda
Kleiner starker Panda Hrspiel
Lauf um Dein Leben
Meine schoene Bescherung
Mein Fuehrer
Nichts als Gespenster
One Day In Europe
Raeuber Kneissl
Salami Aleikum
Schau mich an
Schroeders wunderbare Welt
Schwarze Schafe
Schwarzwaldhaus 1902
Sin Nombre
Sommer in Orange
Sommer vorm Balkon
Sophie Scholl
Stadt als Beute
The Bombay Connection
Touch The Sound
Wer frueher stirbt ist laenger tot
Whisky mit Wodka
Wie im Himmel
No.: N 264
Format: 2CD
Date: 2004


01 Selim Sesler und Orchester feat. Idil Üner - Saniye’m
02 Abwärts - Beim 1. Mal
03 Depeche Mode - I feel you
04 Lisa Carbon - Bossandfunk
05 Selim Sesler und Orchester feat. Idil Üner - Penceresi Yola Karsi
06 Birthday Party - Ho Ho
07 Orhan Gencebay - Dönmeyen Yillar
08 Ninos Con Bombas - Postcard
09 Aytun Ede - Ciftetelli - traditional
10 Polvorosa - Not Here
11 Sultana - kaymak
12 Mona Mur - snake
13 Mona Mur - into your eye
14 Sisters Of Mercy touched by the hands of Ofra Haza - temple of love
15 Alexander Hacke - Tract
16 Selim Sesler und Orchester - Na Cu E Rushja
17 Orientation - Alma ahimi
18 Ninos Con Bombas - Cocomoon
19 Sezen Aksu - Yine mi cicek
20 Orientation - Firtinalar
21 Fanfare Ciocarlia - lag bari
22 Wendy Rene - after laughter (comes tears)
23 Attila Özdemiroglu - Agla Sevdam
24 Güven Kirac - Ne Aglarsin Bu Da Gelir Bu Da Gecer Aglama
25 Laco Tayfa - Gel Yada Salma Diber
26 Orientation - fata morgana
27 Selim Sesler und Orchester feat. Idil Üner - Roman Oyun Havasi
28 Bülent Ersoy - Ah Le Yar
29 Mercan Dede - Vefaname
30 Selim Sesler und Orchester feat. Idil Üner - Su karsiki dagda bir fener yanar
31 Zinoba - Life’s what you make it

Punk is not dead! Now this was new to me: after years of trying to place good music in films, where it is a success when a production asks you for background music in the last week before the final edit, mostly for no money at all since the budget is gone anyway – here comes a director who knows about the importance and value of music for films. The smart guy, Fatih Akin, wanted to have all music titles and relevant rights cleared before he actually started to shoot the movie. On top of this he wanted source music only, no score soundtrack at all, which did not make it any easier but did add an additional thrill to the creative process of finding the best tracks for this film. So, the music was there from the very beginning, inspiring the author while writing the screenplay, the characters while being created; it was there accompanying the actors and the crew during preparation and shooting, and fine-tuning the atmosphere of the movie during the editing process, adding a subliminal but powerful level of depth and strength. The music was not just put on the film, the film was created with music – a dream for a film music consultant and a music lover like myself. Looking for punk and "alternative" titles from the 80s for the main protagonist Cahit, a slightly aged punk rocker and record collector, was the easiest part, although not the cheapest (every title from a "major" catalogue can be a nerve-wracking and budget-wrecking fight - for the right – to party....). But timeless standards from bands like Depeche Mode, whose “I Feel You” hits the film´s nerve perfectly, Birthday Party or the Sisters of Mercy feat. Ofra Haza have not lost their power and gain new strength from their new surroundings - or even seem to have been written for this film, like the soul pearl, "After Laughter (Comes Tears)", by Stax recording artist Wendy Rene. The point where contemporary sounds from Hamburg and Istanbul intersected was Berlin, largest German city and second largest for Turks: Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten proved himself to be an ingenious arranger of Turkish gypsy-music. Flown into Istanbul, he put up his miraculous master microphone and recorded the tracks by Selim Sesler & Band, a gypsy band from Thrace in the north of Turkey, in one go. Everybody was (still is) so thrilled by guest singer Idil Üner, actress and film director from Berlin, that we would have liked to record a whole album with Selim and her. Researching for "gothic ambient music", a former colleague of Hacke´s appeared out of the fog: Mona Mur, singer of their early 80’s project, “Die Mieter”, is still writing music, mostly moody instrumentals fitting perfectly for films and games. We wanted some of both, her old “industrial” material as well as her new songs, still evoking an intense, dark atmosphere. And when Fatih heard about her 3rd Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he immediately decided to involve her as an extra. Well, although her fight scene did not make it to the final edit (check it out on the DVD extras!), Mona is now one of the regulars at Cahit´s favourite bar. A very special chorus of thanks goes to Orientation, the hippest Turkish crossover band from Berlin, who not only provided their own cool tracks but re-recorded the dance hit, "Firtinalar", by Turkish pop singer Ebru Gündes. “Yine mi cicek” is a love song written by another Turkish pop star, the queen herself: Sezen Aksu. The acapella version of “Ne Aslarsin...“ sung by Turkish actor Güven Kirac (to put sad Sibel to sleep) is so sensitive we had to include it here as well as Aytun Ede’s authentic wedding organ sound. And brotherly respect goes out to everybody at Pozitif & Doublemoon in Istanbul who helped us clear a bunch of Turkish originals, like "Agla Sevdam", a hardcore love song written by Attila Özdemiroglu, part of the soundtrack of "Agir Roman", or other popular singers like Orhan Gencebay and Bülent Ersoy. Their own label features artists like Sultana, Mercan Dede, Laco Tayfa and many others who are all successfully crossing borders with Western genres like Hip Hop, Ambient, Jazz, World Music and other styles. Elinize saglik and lots of luck with your trendsetting label profile which has been an inspiration not only for this movie, but also for "Crossing the Bridge", the upcoming documentary by Fatih Akin about music in Istanbul. Other soundtrack participants were easy to find, checking the schedule of Hamburg´s "Fabrik" where we shot during concerts by Fanfare Ciocarlia, a great Romanian gypsy brass orchestra constantly touring Europe, and Maceo Parker, American sax legend since the 70’s, who even allowed us to shoot a scene during his soundcheck. A lot of credits go to our homebase St.Pauli and Altona, the real Hamburg: thank you Jan Plewka and Zinoba, for the beautiful version of the Talk Talk-classic, "Life’s what you make it", always our first choice for the end credits. And to their (ex-) neighbours, Abwärts, who lived there when they recorded this old classic feat. the unique lyrics of Frank Z. (80´s); and Polvorosa, the trio around Daniel Puente (Chile), formerly Ninos con Bombas (90´s). Songs from both bands are included in "Head-On", as Fatih really loves this band – he already featured them playing live in his film, "In July". Whereas we use the demo version in the film and on the first soundtrack CD, this limited edition double CD features the new album version of "Not Here". Latin lust is also featured in Lisa Carbon’s club track, "Bossandfunk" I wonder if she ever imagined that some day somebody would slit their wrists to this song? Music is all about feelings – feelings words can not express all that well. Music is the heartbeat of this movie and makes it a very intense, almost physical experience. See how it pushes you into your seat and how it pushes the film to life – preferably on a wide screen and at max. volume. Life is what you make it! Klaus Maeck

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