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Artist: Tom Herman
Release: Wait For It
Label: Return to Sender
Wait For It
No.: RTS 44
Format: CD
Date: 2004


01 300 Years
02 Jack Something
03 Im Drowning
04 Red Haired Girl
05 Your Street
06 Veil Of Separation
07 Slim
08 Hey
09 I Do Now
10 Its Not The Way It Seems
11 When Im Gone
12 Jesus

Steve Mehlman played drums on 8, 11.
Len Bove sang, played guitar and co-wrote 6.
Linda Herman sang on 5, co-wrote 10.
Nate played drums on 9.
Blind Lemon Jefferson wrote 12.
Colin Frangos mixed some of the tunes and contributed Important Critical Thinking to all of them.
Tom did the rest.

Tom Herman was a founding member of the legendary Pere Ubu. After the release of "New Picnic Time" in 1979 he left the band, and was replaced by Mayo Thompson (Red Crayola). Nearly 20 years later Herman reunited with Pere Ubu to record "Pennsylvania". Since then he is a permanent member of the band fronted by David Thomas.
Beside his work with the group, the now 55 years old musician still got time for his own projects like "Wait For It", which he recorded mostly on his own with a little help by some friends. He sang, played all the guitars, bass, keyboards, saxophone and electronics. Pere Ubus Steve Mehlman played drums on "Hey" and "When Im Gone", Linda Herman sang on "Your Street", Len Bove sang and played guitar on "Veil Of Separation" and Nate played drums on"I Do Now".
Although some songs reveal similarities to the experimental avantgardish music of Pere Ubu and Tuxedomoon, "Wait For It" is more a rock record with strong guitars, lots of noises and deep influences from Psychedelic music to Blues. The importance of the Blues is not only quite obvious in the only coversong of the record, Blind Lemon Jeffersons "Jesus", but also in tracks like "Red Haired Girl" and "When Im Gone".

This is a limited edition of 2.000 copies

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