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Artist: Thalia Zedek
Release: hell is in hello
Label: Return to Sender
hell is in hello
No.: RTS 45
Format: CD
Date: 2004


01 Mercury Falls
02 Temporary Guest
03 Never That Mean
04 No Substitutions
05 1926
06 Sloe Eyed
07 Middle of Nowhere
08 What a Wonderful World

I see this collection of songs as kind of like a movie trailer of the last three years of my life of recording and touring. The first track, "Mercury Falls", is a Come song that I played at the Brattle Theater at my first "big" solo show. I was nervous about the show (opening for Evan Dando), so I enlisted the help of my old friends Chris Brokaw, Daniel Coughlin, and Beth Heinberg, to boost my confidence. Bryce Goggin recorded the show, and later that year ended up producing my first solo record, "Been Here and Gone", for Matador Records. Everyone who played with me that night ended up playing on that CD, and David Michael Curry (viola) and Daniel Coughlin (drums) have been playing and recording with me ever since! The second track "Temporary Guest", features the piano playing of Yuko Marata, who I first met and played with while opening for the Willard Grant Conspiracy in England on my first solo European tour. Later on that same tour I met my now good friend Jesus Llorente, when he invited me to play his Tanned Tin festival in Santander. I gave Jesus "Never That Mean" (track 3) to put on his Acuarela label compilation. He later ended up releasing my second solo record on Acuarela in Europe! Three of the other tracks were recorded for Bob Dubrow´s "Pipeline" show. Pipeline is a live show on one of Boston´s best radio stations, WMBR. Bob (along with Andy Hong) runs Kimchee Records who recorded and released my second record , "You´re A Big Girl Now" in the States.
Finally, the title of this CD, "Hell is in Hello" is a line from a song called "Wandering Star" that I heard on a William Shattner record. It´s also the name of the last song on a new record that I have coming out on Thrill Jockey in Sept/04 which brings us up to now... I hope that you enjoy this record, Love,
This is a limited edition of 2.000 copies

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