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Artist: Mushroom
Release: Oh They are weird and they are wonderful
Label: Return to Sender
Oh They are weird and they are wonderful
No.: RTS 35
Format: CD
Date: 2001


01 Are we being taped?
02 A Dusty Groove
03 Theme Song for Stereo Steve
04 Sonia & Sonya
05 What´s the deal with Q
06 Brian Felix & The Trinity
07 I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by acid jazz
08 Party with Marty
09 If this was released on Thrill Jockey or Kranky would you like it more?
10 4 Men With Beards
11 Wolfgang Dauner
12 Unless the people of the present day correctly understand the musical convulsion of the 1970´s they will stumble into fatal errors of judgement about their own times and their own lives
13 The Scream of the Butterfly
14 My Sweet Eddie
15 Why don´t Nick & Vince ever pay their bills?

Brother Erik Pearson: snake guitar/saxophone/flute. Brother Dave "Pike" Mihlay: vibes/percussion. Brother Patrick O´Hearn: drums. Brother Carroll Ashby: trombone. Brother Rick Wilson: digital editing/mastering and introducing sone songs. Brother Brian Felix: piano, organ, keyboards. Brother Ned Doherty: bass.

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