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Artist: Barbara Manning and The Go-Luckys
Release: Transatlantic Trips
Label: Return to Sender
Transatlantic Trips
No.: RTS 40
Format: CD
Date: 2001


01 buds wonīt bud
02 never made love
03 marcus leid
04 dirverīs seat
05 dock ellis
06 i insist
07 boston song
08 donīt underestimate me
09 donīt let it bring you down
10 life/luck
11 every pretty girl
12 rhombus
13 soundtracks
14 whatever i do is right
15 ipecac
16 no place to fall
17 pages turn
18 how did you know?
19 old woman

Musicians: Barbara Manning, Fabrizio Steinbach, Flavio Steinbach, Terri Manning, Volker Zander, Axel Heim, Nicole Teichmann, Reiner Rupp. Recorded in different places between December 1999 and August 2001

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