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Artist: Townes van Zandt
Release: roadsongs
Label: Normal Records
absolutely nothing
highway kind
in pain
Jester Lounge
Live and Obscure
rear view mirror
rear view mirror vol 2
No.: N 195
Format: CD
Date: 1995


01 ira hayes
02 dead flowers
03 automobile blues
04 the coo coo
05 fraulein
06 hello central
07 indian cowboy
08 racing in the streets
09 my starter won´t start this morning
10 texas river song
11 wabasch cannonball
12 short-haired woman
13 man gave names to all the animals
14 little willie the gambler
15 cocaine
16 you win again
17 high, low + in between
18 when he offers his hand

The 1994 Sugar Hill Records USA release of TVZ’s “Road Songs” (Produced by Townes Van Zandt) live album wtih band members (Danny Rowland - guitar, Owen Cody fiddle, Jimmie Grey - Bass) a collection of songs he did not write. In 1995 album nominated for a Nashville Nammy in catagory “Best Folk Album of the Year”. In 1998 recording of Townes version of “Dead Flowers” from the Road Songs album is featured in the soundtrack of “The Big Lebowski’ movie by the Coen brothers’. Entertainment Weekly review “A great Townes Van Zandt rendition of the Stones’“Dead Flowers”. Normal Records Germany releases “Road Songs’ album with bonus tracks. These songs were recorded over a number of years in joints all over America.
Townes Van Zandt who died on New Years Eve 1996/97 was one of americas greatest songwriters. Numberless colleagues and friends covered his songs. Stars like Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Don Williams, Nanci Griffith and Merle Haggard even had big chart success with his compositions. “Roadsongs“, recorded 1991, return the compliments with intensive coverversions of songs by artists like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Ely, Bob Dylan and Sam Lightnin` Hopkins.

Nicht wenige halten Townes van Zandt für einen der größten Songwriter Amerikas. In jedem Fall ist er der „größte aller unbekannten Songwriter“ (TIP). Unzählige Kollegen und Freunde spielen seine Songs, und Stars wie Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Don Williams, Nanci Griffith oder Merle Haggard machten sie gar zu Hits. Auf „Roadsongs“ erwidert er die Komplimente mit intensiven Interpretationen seiner Lieblings-Songs von u.a. den Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Ely, Bob Dylan und Sam Lightnin` Hopkins. Gleich viermal zollt Townes van Zandt dem großen Blues-Musiker Tribut. Und das nicht ohne Grund, sieht er in ihm doch bis heute seinen größten Einfluß.
Das ursprünglich 1992 veröffentlichte Album erscheint nun mit neuem Cover-Artwork und drei Bonustracks, darunter ein Titel von Hank Williams.

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