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Artist: The Silos
Release: heater
Label: Normal Records
ask the dust
hasta la victoria
No.: N 218
Format: CD
Date: 1998


01 prison song
02 northern lights
03 thanks a million
04 eleanora
05 angels
06 front porch
07 arms of the sea
08 i like you
09 stoplight
10 mom out dancing
11 cold hands of fate
12 away

Walter Salas Humara has done it again. He reformed a new Silos line-up in his hometown Los Angeles and recorded an imposing new album. The band features the original member Mary Rowell on violin and backing vocals, Daren Hess from the „Diablo“-session and Gary Sunshine, Dave McNair, Dave Bassett and Chuck Prophet (ex-Green On Red).
“Heater“ (Normal 218) has obvious links with the first five albums “About Her Steps“ (1985), “Cuba“ (1987), “The Silos“ (1990), “Hasta La Victoria!“ (1992) and “Diablo“ (1994). Again you find this unique songwriting in the tradition of american music with consists of acoustic ballads, atmospheric midtempo-songs and strong guitar Rock. But something is different. “Heater“ has a “classic“ feel but it`s not rootsy or folk or country. The production is contemporary. For the first time The Silos worked with electronic effects like loops, samples and drum machines. With their sixth album The Silos have found a path between past and present.
Walter Salas Humara was born in Cuba and during the revolution in his home-country, his parents decided to move to America for good. Walter started to make music at fifteen, first as a drummer and later as a guitar player. After college he studied art in Gainsville and New York. In 1985 he met his old pal Bob Rupe again, with whom he already had been in a Band during their Highschool days. In the same year they founded The Silos, which at the beginning was not supposed to be real band but was only meant as a project of several musicians - this changed after a few successful gigs. In 1987 the Rolling Stone Magazin voted the band “the best new artist of the year“. After three albums Walter and Bob broke up their relation in 1991, but Walter continued to work on the development of the Silos and released two more records. He also made two solo albums - “Lagartja“ in 1988 and “Radar“ in 1995. Moreover he produced Vulgar Boatman and Michael Hall albums and founded together with Hall and Alejandro Escovedo The Setters.

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