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Das QDK-Sub-Label Shadoks Music, widmet sich Psychedelic- und Underground- Bands der späten 60er/frühen 70er Jahre, die nie über Stadt- und Regiongrenzen hinaus bekannt wurden. Die wenigen Studioaufnahmen, die sich die hoffnungsvollen Acts damals leisten konnten, wurden in Kleinstauflagen auf Vinyl gepresst und an Radios, Labels und Freunde verteilt Heute sind diese Test-LPs begehrte Sammlerstücke, die teilweise für über 3000 $ verkauft werden. Shadoks Music veröffentlicht diese 30 oder mehr Jahre alten "Collectors Items" in remasterter Form und erstmals mit einem richtigem Cover auf CD.

SHADOKS MUSIC, the label for psychedelic and underground music from the 60´s and 70´s. After 3 years releasing Psychedelia on the “Little Indians” label, “SHADOKS MUSIC” takes it a step further. “Little Indian” was limited to 10 releases only (Ten Little Indians, Nine Little Indians and so on). But many collectors, dealers and distributors liked the reissues so much that we decided to give it a new name and keep on workin’.
All recordinds has been released first on vinyl (as very limited collectors edition) and now on CD so that every music enthusiast can enjoy the music without paying too much for the vinyl edition. Also can´t play vinyl anymore. Which was sometimes not that easy to transfer the music onto a digital format. Most bands don´t know where the mastertapes are after 30 years or very often they have recorded an album, made 50 or 100 testpressings to get attention from label and radiostations, but never made it for a big deal. So the producers or the studios just kept the tapes for security to get their money some day for the umpayed recordings. Of course many bands could not afford to pay that. Which means they simply “lost” the tapes. But they´ve kept a few LP copies sometimes of those beautifull testpressings which are very expensive collectors items on the vinyl market. We´ve seen copies sold for over $ 3000,-- Records in plain white covers but with amazing music on it. You can imagine what a thrill it is to find such items and have the chance to reissue this music. After 30 and more years we finally designed covers for them and remastered the music. It was allways a big surpise for the musicians. After such a long time someone pops out from nowhere and turns their music into real records and CD´s. Musically cleaned up with modern technics and complicated remastered.
Most of the items we´ve found brings in the same question: why did this music never came out. It´s so good, so strong, so much better than most of the major releases from that time. If you ask the musicians, they don´t not either. Many of them can´t remember or it was a personal reason involved. Also many, many of them just got ripped off by bad managers. I think this was and is still the same story, 30 years ago and today.
We love this music and it needs to be back in recordshops. Enjoy...

SH 125 CD - Trubrot - same ------------------------------------- Shadoks Music

SH 124 CD - Svanfridur - What´s hidden there? ---------------- Shadoks Music

SH 122 CD - John + Philipa Cooper - The Cooperville Times - Shadoks Music

SH 121 CD - Odmenn - same --------------------------------------- Shadoks Music


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